Way (noun): an opening for passage; a possible decision, action, or outcome; a thoroughfare for travel from place to place; manner or method of doing

Jesus is The Way

Have you ever driven the wrong way down a one-way street?

I have not yet done so, but the thought of it makes me anxious when I’m driving downtown in a big city.  I have images of action-adventure movie scenes, where the car chase always seems to end up going the wrong way on a one-way street.  What ensues?  Danger, chaos, confusion, piercing car horns, fear, stress, out-of-control swerving, and often, some sort of collision.

Unfortunately, this description sounds a lot like our every day life:  Disorder. Tension. Noise.  Misdirection.  Living in survival mode. Crashes.

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Unity (noun): a condition of harmony; the quality or state of being made one

Live Together in Unity

Unity is modeled in the world of dog rescue.

So many people are involved in getting a pet from homelessness, on death row, to a loving family.  These kind-hearted people set aside their differences and bond together by the mission of the rescue.    I compare the world of rescue to the Olympic torch procession.  Many people carry the torch in the rescue process – the person saving the dog from the street, the shelter staff, the transport team, the vet, the adoption coordinators, the foster parents.

Each person has the honor to carry the torch for a short period, help the flame grow, and pass it on to the next.

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Seek (transitive verb): to go in search of; to try to discover; to ask for; to try to acquire or achieve

Seek God and you will Find Him

“1, 2, 3…Ready or not, here I come!”

Have you ever said or heard these words exclaimed during a game of Hide-and-Seek? I have many fond memories of playing this game with my boys over the years. When they were toddlers, the hiding and seeking came easily. When it was my turn to seek, I knew the first place to look was wherever I just hid last. And if my son wasn’t there, it didn’t take too much effort to find him!

Even though at this age he was so small and could have fit into many great hiding places, his toddler mind thought he was hiding perfectly when he was basically right out in the open.

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Palm (noun): any of a family of mostly tropical monocotyledonous trees with a simple stem and terminal crown of large pinnate or fan-shaped leaves; a leaf of the palm as a symbol of victory or rejoicing; the concave part of the human hand

Jesus on the Palm of my hand

Some years ago, I went out for a late February walk through a fresh snowfall. God was on my mind and my heart as the beauty of the sparkling diamond snowflakes captivated me. I closely observed the trees and reflected about how they reach desperately and purposefully towards the sun – the thing that nourishes them most.

Then I thought to myself:  I need to do that. I need to urgently, resolutely, and passionately reach towards God.

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